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Questions frequently asked about FreeHostingResell

Questions & Answers

  • How does FreeHosting Resell Works?

    FreeHostingResell(FHR) makes it possible for you to be able to resell all web hosting services that we offer for free without any upfront payment. Just like a professional affiliate system with a website. Your website is 100% white labeled that no one will know that you are affiliated to us.
  • Who is Eligible to register?

    Anyone from any part of the world.
  • How do i make profit?

    You make profit when someone makes an order from your website and then you are paid the difference. Example; if we sell DDOS for $45 Monthly and you set your price as $60, this means each time that user pays his Monthly subscription for that order you would make $15 Monthly from that customer.
  • Can i modify my ready made website?

    Yes! from your reseller panel you are able to change all texts and images of your website to what suits you.
  • Can i build my own frontend?

    Yes you can build your own custom front end with any CMS of your choice or if you decide to build from scratch. READ THE GUIDE HERE
  • Can i accept my own payments?

    All payments are processed by us.
  • Can i give discounts?

    Yes, you can create a coupon code for your customers.
  • Can i render support to my customers?

    Yes you can, but we always recommend the default support channels as this will enable us assist customers facing challenges easily by highly skilled professionals.
  • What is the actual cost you charge for setup?

    It's free to use FreeHostingResell and it will remain free
  • What Are the fees?

    We only charge a 5% withdrawal fees. This is the fee we incure when preparing your payments. This fee is minus the fee charged by your payment method. Example Miner's fee for Bitcoin, Bank wire charges e.t.c
  • After making profits, when can I withdraw?

    All funds are cleared after 7 days before they would be available for withdrawal. Also, if your site is giving a 30days Money back guarantee promise, the funds will be available after 30 days
  • What happens after a chargeback?

    If we couldn’t win a dispute, the amount will be deducted from the Reseller’s balance.
  • What’s the maximum I can earn Monthly?

    There is no limit to what you can earn Monthly.
  • Can I get a discount for the default price?

    If your account is processing above $3,000 monthly, you qualify for a discount review. You can open a ticket regarding this.
  • What are the withdrawal methods?

    We currently support 3 ways you can receive your funds. Bitcoin, Paypal & Bank Wire/Transfer
  • How do i advertise my website?

    There are lots of methods out there in which you can use to advertise your website. We recommend you hire an expert if you aren't. Also we have some Marketing packages listed on our ADDONs packages.